A new era?

So many changes have been happening in my life in the last few months and in the coming months ahead! Luckily they have all been wonderful, life changing new experiences and I’m so grateful for that. It also explains why there have not been any blog posts the last two weeks and why I’ve been slacking on youtube videos (both of which I apologise for). I feel like I’ve grown from these changes too, in a positive way. Five or so years ago, changes like this, good or bad would have induced major anxiety and I probably would have done all I could to stop any kind of change happening. But I’m a lot better at rolling with the punches now and letting change happen.

One of the changes has been new working hours with my full time job. I feel lucky to say I’m one of those fortunate people that actually enjoys their job! However, this month I’ll be dropping some hours in the morning, mainly because situations in my job have changed and I’m no longer needed at that time. But also this is great for me, as I will now have extra time to work on my side projects, including the blog! I’m so excited to have this extra time each day to work on these projects and make more out of them. I can’t wait to get even more creative and have the time expand on this. I feel like I’ve been given the gift of time!

Shop the look:
Quilted tank top - COS (old season, similar linked)
Trousers - Uniqlo
Trainers - Adidas (new linked, mine bought second hand on eBay)
Coat - Zara
Gold Jewellery - Pilgrim

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