A New Series is Coming…

Firstly, I’d like to start off with a massive thank you for the supportive comments and messages I received last week on my post about feeling up and down. Lots of you said you found it so relatable and helpful and I’m so happy about that. It’s something I want to be more open about on here and as you may have read, I want to change things up a bit across my platforms and talk more about real topics that affect myself and others.

This leads me to introducing my new series that will be starting on my youtube channel in the upcoming weeks. I have a project planned to open up these discussions even more and make them more interactive. At the moment this project is called ‘Conversations with Friends’ but I may change the name. The outline of my idea is to have open conversations with my friends about any topic of their choice. I feel this will really open up new discussions that you can all join in with in the comments and let us know your views and even what you’d like us to talk about next. They will be done with one friend at a time and a different topic each time.

I’m so excited to get this project underway and see what we can achieve together! I will do my best to fully research the topics before hand so we can also give you advice and helplines for any topics that you may be going through yourself. I’m hoping this will be educational for all and will help open up talks about difficult and also fun subjects!

Al photographs by Stacey Louise White

Author: rayofstyle

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  • It’s so important to share our thoughts on real topics that effect ourselves and others. Thank you for being so open and for sharing your thoughts, it’s really encouraging and inspiring 😌 Looking forward to watching your new series on YouTube! x

    Shannen | https://shannenclaire.co.uk

    • I’m so glad your enjoyed the post and this new style of writing that I’m testing out! The series will be starting on my channel shortly! x