A New Take on the Classic Tee & Jeans

The tee & jeans combo is always one I go back to and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does the same. For the last few seasons, it’s been made up of a pair on mom jeans and a baggy tee tucked in with some sneakers. But I wanted to somewhat reinvent it slightly, adding a new take on a great classic.

Starting off with the jeans. Now I’m not saying I’m over mom jeans, but my new love is straight leg jeans. These are my new ones from Zara. They are very different for me on a few levels, starting with the fact that they are a mid rise. I’m so used to the high waisted mom jean fit so this is slightly different for me but the best part is, I can eat more at restaurants as there no denim prison over my stomach! These jeans sit just on the hips which I actually find super flattering and easy to style. Although high waisted jeans tend to make my legs look longer, the extra material over the stomach can sometimes be unflattering. So with a mid rise there’s no option for that, which is always a plus. The other difference is the straight leg. I recently got a pair of TopShop straight leg jeans which featured in my last outfit post. These Zara ones are of a similar cut and I love the undone hem at the bottom. Finally the colour of these jeans is darker than what I usually go for. All together, they are a change from my classic look and it’s quite refreshing.

Another change I made was the shoes. I know big trainers are super in right now and if you saw my Fashion Forecast video you’ll know I LOVE that trend! But I’m also in to the kitten heel boots trend and thought that they worked really well with the straight leg cut of the jeans. These are from H&M and they are my new obsession. The pointed toe elongates my legs and the kitten heel adds a touch of hight. Overall, they give a slightly elevated look which I’m really in to.

Now for the tee. Really the only thing I’ve done here it worn a tighter, more fitted tee and one that doesn’t require tucking in due to it being ever so slightly ‘cropped’. Now obviously, this isn’t a crop top but what I mean is this tee finishes just as the jeans start, which I really like. It doesn’t look boxy like it would with the normal baggy tee if that were untucked, as this one is fitted. Again, some little changes just refresh this classic look and add a new side to things.

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All photos by Lewis Phenix

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