A Rainy Friday

So today hasn’t gone quite to plan. Usually on a Friday I’m fully organised, I have content prepared and an idea in my mind ready to type up. But to today, although I was organised and in the mood to write, I didn’t have any photos to use in today’s blog post. And no photos tends to mean no topic. This is mainly because a few recent shoots were cancelled and the roll of film in my camera was not winding on properly, so I had no easy way of creating images for todays post. I don’t like putting up posts just for the sake of it, I take this blog very seriously, it’s my baby and I don’t want you guys to read a blah post just because I aim to put one up every Friday at 6pm. So, I thought perhaps today I wouldn’t do a post, wait until I had content and a good idea again.

While sitting at my desk/dresser in my room today creating a mood board for tomorrow’s photo shoot, the rain was trickling down the window and I thought, why not make the best of a bad situation and just take some photos on my iPhone? I like personal posts on my blog and what’s more personal than me taking little snap shots of my day? I spent most of today in my room stressing about the way my blog looks and how I can improve everything I’m doing. I’m planning on doing some big changes on here, especially since receiving some very exciting news from some wonderful brands that want to work with me! I want this blog to be the best I can possibly make it so I take it to heart when I feel I’m not doing my best, but I hope today you enjoyed this little rambling post about how to turn a bad day in to a good one. And just like the weather today, things started to brighten up in the end.

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