A Trip to Arundel on 35mm

So you might remember a couple of blog posts ago, I went on a long walk around Brighton, armed with my 35mm camera and shot lots of interesting things that caught my eye. Well, I want to make this more of a regular event and so last weekend my camera and I went on a little trip again. This time, myself and a friend took the train to Arundel, about an hour along the coast from Brighton. Firstly, I think an hour train journey is the perfect amount of time. It gives you just the right amount of time to listen to a playlist on Spotify and read a few chapters of a book. Plus the views were pretty lovely too.

Once I arrived at Arundel, we set off for lunch with a roast in mind. A lovely little pub called The Red Lion was where we settled on and the veggie roast option was really great! After we re-fuelled it was time to explore. We started walking around the allies and narrow roads which were so cute, with great little buildings and shops. There were lots of tea and cake shops to choose from! We then walked up to Arundel Castle which is perched on a small hill overlooking the town. The castle looked beautiful in the sun light, luckily we had picked the sunniest day of the week to visit. The air was crisp and cold but it was so sunny that once you got walking you soon warmed up.

After exploring the main part of town, we followed the path along side the river. We must of walked for over a mile and then back again and it was truly beautiful as the sun started to set. Also there were lots of dogs to spot and stroke which is always a perk.

We ended the day with a little snooze on the train back, a great way to spend a sunny January day.


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