A year of two halves

It’s around this time of year, when the sun is out more often and beach days become a daily occurrence, that I tend to reflect on the year so far and what is in store ahead. I’m the kind of person that’s very wistful and often thinks of the past. I’m a lot better nowadays but these thoughts of the past used to affect my current day to day life which isn’t a healthy way of living as I was never really experiencing the present. I’m a lot better at accepting the past is truly the past now but there’s still a part of me that somewhat enjoys or feels the need to contemplate the past and put it all to rights in my head.

This year has perhaps been my favourite so far. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and reached some of my goals. I’ve travelled to new and exciting cities and really settled in to life in Brighton. I’ve moved house again which has been a highlight for me, I feel so at home here, more than I have since moving to Brighton and just feel quite peaceful all round. Of course, there have been some downs, these have been more personal and emotional but I’ve overcome them so much more efficiently then before, which I’m really proud of.

And so to the year ahead. What have been some of your achievements so far? What do you plan to do during the rest of the year? I have two exciting trips to Paris and Tenerife planned. I’m dropping a few hours at my full time job to make time for my blog and photography and hopefully will be able to use that extra time to make both in to something more than a hobby. I really can’t wait to get more creative and try new outlets that let me express that creative side.

I would love to know your plans for the rest of the year! What would you like to overcome, is there anything you’d like to accomplish or would you like to try something new? Let me know in the comments! Speak soon x

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