An Evolution of Style: How I Made it Here

For those of you who have been subscribed to my YouTube for a while, you’ll know fashion is not only a hobby but a true passion of mine. There is just something about creating an outfit that excites me, putting new and old items together to create something unique.

My style has forever been an evolution, as fashion itself is something that never stays the same. From re-creating S Club 7 inspired outfits for the year 6 school disco, to my emo phase of tartan skirts and way too much eyeliner (a phase that has never truly left me), to now becoming someone who really knows what suits them and how to make an outfit work for me. It’s been a journey, some parts I’d like to forget, such as glitter jelly sandals with socks or jeans two sizes too big that mum promised I would grow in to. However, for the most part, it’s gotten me to where I am today and I don’t think I’d change any of it.

I started this blog mainly because not everything fashion related that I want to discuss warrants a YouTube video. Hauls, look books and styling ideas suit that format and will always be a staple on my channel. But sometimes I just want to talk about one item, or one product. It would make for a very short and perhaps not a visually inspiring video. So, I thought a blog would better suit those things, such as product reviews, small hauls with detailed photographs and posts about each item, more in depth reviews of things I’m loving and just generally a place to unleash my ideas. And here it is, what do you think?

Lots of love R x

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