An Ode to Summer on 35mm

I thought I’d finish off this week with a little look back at probably the best summer of my life. Interesting, as this is the first summer I actually worked through. In London I used to work at a school so still had six weeks holiday! However, I love my job here in Brighton and spend a lot of my working day out and about, even on the beach! So even with out the six weeks holiday, I truly had the most amazing summer.

First off, we can’t talk about summer 2018 without talking about the UK weather! Oh my goodness weren’t we so lucky!? I know at times we thought this was the end of the world and the sun had actually taken over for good but alas, I spent yesterday walking in the rain (which was a welcome break actually). However, as I write this in a little coffee shop in Hove, the sun is shining again – perfect for writing about summer.

I wanted to share with you the last few photos from my last roll of film. This was the week after I got back from France. I few snippets that summed up the past few months. Mainly showcasing my love of eating Italian food and going to the beach – two things that this summer mainly consisted of. I never realised how amazing it would be to live literally on the seafront in the height of summer. I honestly don’t know how I survived heatwaves back in London! Even when I went to visit my parents over the last few months, all I could think about was jumping in the sea! In the heat we experienced, it definitely helps being close to a beach and an endless supply of ocean! This is where I spent most of my free weekends.

Hope you enjoy looking through these snaps, again I’m still learning how to use the camera! I have a new roll of film in it at the moment which I am half way through! Very excited to show you the results now I’ve got the light aperture metre fixed!

Hope you all had a fab summer, I’ve very excited to get some autumn outfits up on the blog.

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