An update on sustainability

A while ago on went on a bit of a rampage about shopping sustainably and how to do so. I haven’t mentioned it for a while but wanted to reassure you that it’s not because I’ve abandoned the idea, it’s simply because I’ve been putting it all in to practice so I can come back and talk about how I’ve found the process.

Firstly, something that’s made a big change in the way I’ve become more ethical when it comes to clothing, is to wear old items again and restyle them. Now, for some of you this may be something you’ve been doing for years and is quite normal. However, since I started my youtube and blog, I’ve found rewearing old items a lot harder and sometimes impossible despite still loving them and wearing them in my day to day life. This is mainly down to the demands on me to constantly be showing you all new items that you can purchase straight away. One of the first mind sets I changed for myself when I started this sustainable process was to remember that not everyone can purchase what I’m wearing anyway. The second I realised that, I thought about how style and fashion are super personal and although you may take inspiration from my outfits, you probably don’t want to be a carbon copy of me! Which lead me to rewearing old items in my posts and videos, showing you all how I can restyle them but also giving you the opportunity to sieve through your wardrobe and see what treasures you can rework.

Shopping in vintage and charity shops has been a real eye opener for me. Especially when it comes to finding designer and branded pieces! In Brighton we are lucky enough to have many of these shops and also live in a fairly ‘wealthy’ town, so there tends to be some real high end treasures in the vintage and charity shops. I’ve got some real bargains so far but definitely want to up my game in this area. By the end of the year I’d like 50% of my monthly haul to be made up of vintage and charity shop bought clothing.

Shopping in high street stores and online is still something I love to do and I’m not going to sit here and say that I don’t still buy new items. However, something I’ve noticed recently in my shopping habits is how I’ve switched to purchasing more basic, classic items that are timeless. Such as t-shirts, trousers and vest tops that will work all year round and can be worn multiple ways, there for ensuring I have to buy them less often. I haven’t bought in to trends as much except suit shorts but I truly feel I’ll get a lot of wear out of them and have been loving them so far. It’s still okay to shop, just make sure you’re aware of your habits.

I’ve tried to showcase these new tips in this outfit. The trousers are second hand, bought on Depop. The vest top I’ve had for over 4 years from Zara.

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