August ’18 on 35mm

Another month has past and is it safe to say it’s Autumn yet? Either way, here are some of the things I got up to over August.

Starting with a quick evening coffee back home, in Wimbledon Village with Dad. I love our little coffee trips here, we do these quite often and usually in the evening. We tend to just sit outside (weather permitting) and people watch. I find it very calming and grounding & of course love a good catch up with my Dad. Normally Mum joins us and we have a good natter.

While back at home, Mum and I booked in some exhibitions to visit. These are honestly one of my favourites things to do, especially with my Mum. I always find exhibitions very interesting and love learning new things. This time, Mum and I visited the V&A (one of our favourites) to see the Fashioned by Nature exhibition. It was fantastic, full of amazing clothes some over 200 years old and focused on the use of nature in fashion. As you walked through the exhibition, it moved towards the present and future of sustainable fashion, a real hot topic at the moment. Designers like Stella McCartney are leading the way in sustainable fashion and clothing that is made from recycled materials. I really learnt so much and want to try harder to buy items that will last and become staples in my wardrobe. I’ve always loved vintage shopping so for anyone looking to become a more eco friendly shopper, that’s always a good place to start.

Mum and I also visited the Design Museum for the Azzedine Alaia Exhibition. This one really blew us away, with the dresses stood on mirrored pedestals so you could really get close and see the details of the dresses. The amazing silhouettes that Alaia could create are show cased here in such an amazing way.

Lewis and I took a short drive to the Devil’s Dyke just on the outskirts of Brighton. The view was truly beautiful and was a great place to visit for a country walk just outside the city. Even on what was a very windy day, walking through the meadows and feeling the tiny drops of rain felt good after a hot summer. I definitely want to come here more often to clear my head.

Remember these faces because you’ll see them on the main stage at Reading Festival in about 4 years. This is Lewis’ band practicing in our living room. I love taking photos of these moments because they’ve only been together for a few months but the music they are creating is amazing and I have the songs stuck in my head at all times lately. I’m so proud of Lewis, his ideas and creativity really inspire me and these boys have become great friends. Keep your eyes peeled.

Ahh nothing like a 5 hours road trip with your gorgeous boyfriend to make you feel blessed. We visited Brixham in Devon to see Lewis’ wonderful Mum. The harbour there is stunning, it is always changing and I could watch it for hours. While Lewis slept, his mum and I walked the dogs (Minnie & daughter pup Cookie). It was lovely.

Mum and Dad came to visit, they are literally getting me through life at the moment and I’m so grateful for my amazing parents – I’m so bloody lucky. We did our classic drink-tea-and-people-watch sessions at one of my favourite spots, Milk & Bread in the lanes. While watching everyone (and their dogs) go by we spotted a man having his photo taken by a lady who happened to be passing. I took the photo opportunity too as the colours of the shop and his jumper looked cool. Also found my birthday dress in Zara and took a quick candid in the changing room.

At the end of the month I celebrated my 24th birthday. It started with brunch at SIX in Hove with my best friends. I had a lovely time eating and drinking bottomless Aperol Spritz. It was one of those moments where you look around and realised you are surrounded by people that actually care about you. I love them – if you were one of the 5 that were there then thank you, I love you. My friends got me a little cactus that I named Bophie (Beckie & Sophie merged together) and a peppa pig balloon. We then went back to my flat and drank until 10pm which was bloody great and even played truth or dare for the laughs. We ended the night by watching Come Dine with Me which made me realise I am now truly an adult.

On my Birthday evening I was treated to an amazing meal at The Ivy in the lanes by Lewis. I had cosmopolitan cocktails specially made for me (as they were not on the menu, disgrace!) and even got a little birthday tart. I’m a very lucky girl.

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