Blogging on a Budget

Since I started this blog at the end of last year, I loved every second of writing and creating content for it. But I find it super hard sometimes to find the time and and the means to do the job as well as I’d like. I have all these images and visions in my mind of how I want it look but can’t do it with the budget I have and no photographer. I’d love a studio to shoot in and I have the great location now I’ve moved to Brighton, but Lewis and my Dad can’t always take the photos for me, which means no photos. Hence, why last week, for the first time since I started this blog, I missed a blog post. I was so cross with myself, I had no photos ready as I hadn’t seen my Dad and Lewis was away so I couldn’t take any photos. I tried to write just a blog post, with no photos but it wasn’t working. I want this so badly and I’m trying my hardest to juggle a 41 hour work week, a blog and a youtube channel, but it’s a lot! So I’m sorry, just bare with me. And to top it off, here is only half the photos I wanted to take, plus they are taken by me in my bedroom. I hope you like it… like I said, just bare with me.

Jumper – Zara

Jeans – Topshop

Lightening Bolt Necklace – HurleyBurley Jewelery

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