Budapest on 35mm

Okay so two things before we get on to Budapest.

1 – I lied when I said that the last post would be my last to be written in The Flour Pot Bakery because I’m back here again today, I just couldn’t help myself. I will try a new, closer coffee shop next week but I needed somewhere familiar after a stressful two weeks.

2 – This roll of film is honestly the best set of photos I’ve taken and I’m so so proud of myself because I managed to not mess up a single photo.

Okay, on to Budapest…

This time last week I was trekking around the noisy but architecturally beautiful streets of Budapest. I took my wonderful parents with me on this trip for a quick city break. I had an idea in my head of what I thought Budapest would be like and although for the most part I was spot on, a few wonderful things surprised me. I knew Budapest had a lot of history behind it but on this trip I truly learnt so much about what really went on in this city and even the country of Hungary itself.

One of the most amazing things about Budapest is the architecture. I’ve never visited a place with such diverse buildings on each street. Each building was completely different in both design and era. By the time you walked to the end of one Avenue you had passed though 100 years of Hungarian history and it was truly moving. As someone who loves history and enjoys educating myself on these things, I loved learning about what had happened in this city, especially through the second world war and the holocaust. Budapest had over 70,000 Jewish people living there at the start of the war and I visited the old Jewish quarter where the world’s second largest Synagogue is. I found it quite emotional learning about the Jewish Ghetto and seeing remains of the walls that trapped people inside.

Another favourite part of Budapest was the river. The river Danube runs through Hungary and the heart of Budapest, splitting each side between Buda and Pest. We were staying on the Pest side with it’s famous ruin bars and shopping area. We often walked across the main bridge in Budapest, the Chain Bridge to get to the Buda side of the city. In Buda you can find the amazing castle and my personal favourite spot, Matthia’s Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion. This place was honestly stunning and with a view over the rest of the city I was constantly blown away.

Overall, Budapest is an amazing city with so much to explore and learn. Each day you find something new and discover more about the city’s history.

Casts of the shoes worn by the Jewish victims shot by the military at the edge of the river

The houses of Parliament

Matthia’s Church

Inside Matthia’s Church

The Chain Bridge

The Synagogue

The leaves on ‘the tree of life’ memorial, 600,000 names of Hungarian Jews that died on each leaf

Lunch at the New York Cafe

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