This month has been one of the best Decembers I have had in a long time. Mainly because I was able to see lots of friends and family this month and just over all I’ve thought about the past a lot less and lived more in the moment.

At the beginning of December, my parents came down to Brighton to visit Lewis and I for the day. We went for a lovely stroll through the lanes, you can read more about it in the blog post I wrote. It was lovely to just explore and stop off for coffee and lunch at Bread & Milk.

Lewis and I have been trying to go on a date night every week, mainly to try out all the bars and restaurants we have near us and to make sure we don’t stay in finishing a whole tv series every night. A new place opened near us in Hove called Hixon Green so we thought we’d try it out! It’s a great little wine bar that does food for breakfast and lunch. We enjoyed a bottle of wine together and chatted about everything under the sun as we do. I honestly don’t know how Lewis and I get in to half the stuff we talk about, the other night we had an hour long conversation on hypnotherapy! Honestly! Anyway, here’s the outfit I wore to Hixton Green, it featured in my Christmas Party Outift video over on my channel. You can find the outfits details over on the video.

One of my favourite days of this month was going home and having my family visit. I have quite a small family, which I love! Every year my parents have my Uncle, Aunt and my two cousins over for our pretend Christmas Day. The group has got a little larger over the years with the additions of Lewis and my cousins husband. Anyone that knows me will know I see my cousins as my siblings, we’ve always been so close. Here are a few pictures of the day, always one of my favourite days of the year. This outfit also featured in my Christmas Party Outfits video on my channel.

One of Lewis’ favourite things to do is play board games. Unfortunately I don’t mean Monopoly or my personal favourite; Cranium. Lewis loves really hard strategy games, which sounds like my absolute nightmare. However, to my surprise, I’ve actually been really enjoying playing them (don’t tell Lewis!). We’ve also been going to a few board game cafes and the best one so far is Ludoquist in Croydon. With a great selection of games, from the well known ones to the more obscure, it has a great atmosphere and amazing food! They have vegan options, cakes and lunch options such as panini’s and pizzas. The game we played (for 5 hours) was Terraforming Mars. I secretly really enjoyed it.

So that’s my December 2017 rounded up. I hope you all have a great December and have a wonderful Christmas!

Don’t forget to watch my Christmas Party Outfits video over on my channel!

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