Fashion Focus: Bucket Hats

Any one else noticed a high influx of bucket hats lately? I’m actually sat at my desk right now next to a photo of me around 3 years old on holiday wearing one! I know they will be a massive marmite item but I personally really want to try and make them work. Firstly, I love it when a trend comes around that is practical! You have no idea how often my mum bugs me to wear a hat over the summer, even now I’m nearly 25! But (as always) the woman is right! I spent the majority of last summer with a burnt scalp so perhaps a hat wouldn’t go a miss. Enter the bucket hat, a new, chilled way of keep cool in the sun. I like that these hats are pretty laid back, unlike a straw hat for example that is normally stiff and harder to pair with outfits. A bucket hat goes with most outfits and can easily be stuffed in to a beach bag. If you google the humble bucket hat you’ll see that London, Copenhagen and New York fashion week went mad for them! Even the new collaboration between JW Anderson and Uniqlo features a reversible bucket hat, something that I definitely owned when I was 5 years old. Every model in the Dior AW19 show wore a bucket hat and that was the final straw that converted me completely. So do you think you’ll be wearing one over the summer? My collection has already started.

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Models at the Dior AW19 show (photo by 10magazine)


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