Another month of 2018 is almost over and as always it’s been pretty busy. I started of the month, returning home for the weekend. My parents and I went for a walk around Painshill Park. It has lots of little hidden corners with things to explore which was really lovely and we must of walked about 2 miles!

I also got a brand new pair of designer shoes this month! I’ve been loving styling my new Stella McCartney shoes. You can see a full blog post on them here.

On this same day, my Dad and I went up the i360 for the first time! For those of you that don’t know what the i360 is, it’s a massive observation tower in Brighton. I can see it from my flat and it’s pretty cool. The view was unbelievable and although I did feel a bit of vertigo, I was so worth it!

I also took my Dad to a golfing range which was his Christmas present. My Dad really enjoyed himself and I loved spending time with him and learning a new skill. The furthest I got the ball was 89 yards which I didn’t think was bad for my firs time! Dad enjoys golf and has been several times and I think his furthest was about 160 yards!

Next came, Valentine’s day and although every year Lewis and I say we won’t do anything for it, we always surprise each other with a little something. We tend not to give presents, it’s more a night in with snacks and chocolate which to be honest is a standard night for us! And although Lewis and I try and do a date night every week, there’s nothing wrong with having an extra one for the occasion.

The next weekend, was beautiful spring like weather in Brighton. It honestly made me so so happy! Not a cloud in the sky and ever so slightly warm! Lewis and I ventured in to town, we hadn’t done this for a few weekends so I was really nice to stroll through the lanes again on such a lovely sunny day. We stopped for a coffee and bite to eat at Bread & Milk, one of our favourite coffee shops. We then went to Beyond Retro, by far our favourite vintage store. I saw a pair of jeans I really wanted and two tops but managed to stopped myself. I’m saving all my shopping energy for the first weekend of March where I am literally going to shop until I drop!

We then went to see Black Panther at the cinema, which was honestly the best super hero film I’ve ever seen and I definitely recommend seeing it! I also wore a short dress for the first time this year which felt wonderful! On the drive home, I realised how happy I was living here, even though Lewis’ car windows are super dirty.

On Sunday, we went to C:/ Side Quest, our new favourite board games cafe. We played Dead of Winter, which we gave up on because there was so much set up and it was kind of a long winded game. We also played Pandemic Iberia. Lewis and I love the Pandemic games however this one was so hard and felt almost impossible to win.

Thanks so much for reading my February highlights! I hope you’ve all had a great month too. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media and check out my youtube videos and my other blog posts.

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