France on 35mm

My first time shooting on a 35mm film camera has been quite an experience. From ordering the wrong film, not being able to find a new battery and working out what aperture means – it’s been a long process but one that has been worth the hassle and I love the results. Of course this being my first time, I have a lot to learn! I really love how the photos have come out but I know I can do better and will carry on shooting on 35mm. I hope to make this a new series on my blog and it’s something I want to keep working on and progressing at. For my first go, I think I’ve done pretty well, especially as the light metre on the camera didn’t work (the camera I used is about 40 years old!) and I had to use an app on my phone which wasn’t overly accurate. However, the whole thing has been a real learning curve and I look forward to getting better at it!

So if you follow me on instagram and twitter you’ll of seen that I went on holiday to the South of France mid June. This was a tradition that has run in my family since I was little, however this time was slightly different! Each year up until I was 18, my parents, my Uncle, my Aunt, my two cousins and I would drive from England to France each summer. We always stayed in villas in the South of France. The journey on average takes around 12 hours but you see the best of France on the way down. Since I turned 18 (I had my 18th birthday while we were in France that year) we weren’t able to get together for our yearly holidays anymore. But this year, even though my cousins and I all now have partners/husband, we managed to make it work! So the journey began for the French Reunion!

Overall, the holiday was simply perfect. I barely got off a sun lounger for a week unless it was to eat french bread. Personally, my ultimate lifestyle. I bought my Dad’s old 35mm film camera and my normal Canon G7x with me. The photos from the latter will be coming later but in this post I wanted to show you my 35mm photos and a few stunning photos that my Uncle took on his Canon 5D. So here they are – the good, the blurred & the grainy.

35mm camera used – Praktica

Film used – Kodak 400

My Uncles photography website –

Uncle Ant’s Photos – Canon 5D

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