Hanging by a Thread

There’s nothing I love more than a good knit. It’s possibly the ONLY thing I like about Winter. There is just something about feeling cosy and comfortable but still looking chic that inspires me. And when I saw this jumper, it’s unique style is what drew me in.

First of all, I love white knits, in fact I love white clothing in general. I feel it always looks so clean and fresh and adds colour to an outfit with out really being a colour. Now, saying that, this jumper may be white but has colour splashed all over it and yet somehow it doesn’t feel too much. I think the white of the jumper breaks up the amazing coloured stitching in such a way that, yes, this is a statement jumper but it’s understated too. In fact, I’d say 85% of the jumper is white, which normally would make it almost boring. But it’s those quirky little coloured stitches that make this jumper so unique and so different, so it’s not your average white jumper after all.

Then, out of the blue comes the stitching on the sleeve. The stitches are actually placed on the underside of the sleeve and so therefore are not shown too often. I think this sleeve detail adds so much and evens out the jumper, making the stitching symmetrical on both sides but still different by being on the sleeve instead of the left hand side of the face of the jumper.

I also love the blanket stitch down the top of the shoulder. I feel like when you first look at this jumper, you just see randomly placed stitches everywhere. But when you look close they are strategically placed. This stitch lengthens the shoulders and takes away some of the attention from the main portion.

Overall, I love how quirky and new this jumper is. If you know me well, you’ll know I love clothing that is a little bit out there but still fashionable and I think this jumper is all those things in one. The abstract stitching and use of colours is not something I’ve seen before and for such an affordable price too, I think this looks way more expensive than it is.

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Author: rayofstyle

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