Introducing Freda: Organic Period Products

A few weeks ago I posted on my socials about an article I had seen in Grazia magazine. The article focused on girls living in Africa who were forced to sell their bodies to get money for period products. Girls as young as 8 were selling themselves to men as they were so desperate for these products. The article moved me to tears to think that this still exists in 2018. These girls are taught to be ashamed of something that is completely natural and out of their control. I immediately wanted to do something about it and started to research more in to ‘Period Poverty’. This is even a situation that occurs here in the UK to our own girls. Girls and their parents can’t afford to buy sanitary products for when they are on their period and resort to using toilet paper, cloth and many other things. How is this still happening? And it begs the question, why do we pay for sanitary products when periods certainly aren’t a luxury. Women menstruate naturally, yet we pay for the ‘privilege’. Even if a price is placed upon period products, I still don’t understand why under our government they are taxed at 5%. The tax was originally applied because sanitary products were deemed ‘non-essential’ by the government at the time and therefore implies us women buy them as a luxury, which of course they are not. In fact they are the most essential thing I buy after food.

So what can we do?

Well, while I was at the Stylist Live event in London a couple of weeks ago, I passed a stall called Freda. I instantly wanted all information as this seemed to be everything I was looking for. Freda is a company that offers organic sanitary products on subscription. The products contain no chemicals, are made from 100% organic cotton, are biodegradable and made from renewable materials. You can subscribe to Freda and receive a box of 16 products monthly, bi monthly or set to the dates of your period using their Period Calculator. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, for every purchase, Freda send sanitary products to girls who can’t afford them. A portion of the money from each purchased is also given to charities dedicated to eradicating period poverty.

You can choose from either tampons or pads and even add daily liners to your purchase. If you prefer a mixture, you can create a custom box with a mix of the products and even double up on numbers if you get through more than 16 products per period. You can also choose between regular or super strength pads depending on your flow. Night pads are also available!

Since using the products this past week, I can’t recommend them enough and I am going to be subscribing to the bi-monthly boxes. The pads were so comfortable to wear and soft, there’s no plastic on them so they don’t make a scrunchy sound when I walk like previous brands I’ve used. The only small downside I found was when disposing of the pads, there was no tab to stick the rolled up pad down. I would prefer them to have that so they don’t unfold after being put in the bin – just think it’s more hygienic. Overall though, the pads were so comfy and absorbent and I would highly recommend them.

Freda have been so kind as to give you guys a code for 25% off your first subscription box!!

Use code : rayofstyle

Disclaimer – this post is not sponsored, just really wanted to share this brand with you.

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