It’s not a competition, or is it?

Something I didn’t know before starting my blog, was how much I would end up comparing my work to others. Unfortunately in this wonderful world of blogging, there comes some set backs such as constantly pushing out work that in a weeks time is forgotten about. Work that took hours to produce and a fair amount of money to create, work that I’m so proud of yet by the next week is pushed to the side for the next thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fast paced style of this job, I love constantly coming up with new ideas and shooting every week but it is also a challenge and sometimes I run out of momentum! Luckily, I can keep myself quite motivated and find inspiration quite easily but sometimes this can be difficult.

One thing that I find hardest is loving another bloggers work so much and being constantly inspired by them but not wanting to be like them. I am my own person and this blog is my way of expressing my creative side. However, there are some bloggers that just blow me away and I adore their style and the way their blog looks. I have to constantly teeter on the edge of inspiration and self recognition. Sometimes I think ‘God, I wish my blog looked like that’ or ‘I wish I had their clothes!’ but then I would just be a carbon copy of someone else! My favourite thing about blogging is expressing my creativity and style through photography and writing and that all comes from me and I have to remind myself of that – to just be myself.

I often feel that my work could be of a higher standard and that I’m not pushing myself far enough to achieve want I want from this experience. I love working towards something, I think that’s what a lot of bloggers have in common actually. We all are striving to better ourselves and work harder to reach certain personal goals. I thrive off of that in all areas of my life and I know a lot of my friends who have blogs do so too. When speaking to friends that I’ve made through blogging (another perk!) their main enjoyment comes from the endless possibilities that blogging gives you, there are ‘no limitations’ to what you can create. A topic we all agreed on was the lack of diversity in the blogging world when it comes to brands using influencers and how bloggers with fantastic content seem to get left by the wayside when it comes to mainstream blogging which seems to be a game of numbers. Another point made was the constant pressure to be present on social media. This is something I struggle with as I work full-time as well as blogging on the side. People want to see what we are up to and the second you slow down on your socials you see your numbers drop! It’s so hard to keep up and stay relevant. We also find that our work isn’t taken seriously, despite everything bloggers have done for advertising and a brands reach to new audiences. We still get met with negativity and dismissal of our work, like hours of hard graft and ideas don’t mean anything even though they were campaigns for sometimes major international brands. For most people, the idea of a blogger is still foreign alien territory and seen as a non-job. But for the mainstream bloggers making thousands for their ideas, this is a real job with longevity. I think all ideas should be appreciated and praised, whether you’re a blogger or not, nothing would exist with out creative minds.

With thanks to all the girls that gave me their input when researching this topic.

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