The first month of the year is always an odd one. Normally I hate December and January; December is always a let down after such a build up and January never feels like the big change that it’s supposed to be. However this month, something was different. It has felt like a new start and an up lift which has been really refreshing. The first big change has been a new job. For someone that had worked in the same place for 5 years, the move to Brighton was an end of a career for me too. Since living in Brighton I have been a part time nanny. I’ve now found a full time nanny post which I start in February with Fridays off to do my blog and youtube. I’m feeling so motivated at the moment, with so many ideas and inspirations, I can’t get a blog post or video up quick enough!

So let’s have a look back at what I got up to this month.

Starting off, Lewis and I have continued our weekly date nights, which has been something we’ve absolutely loved. Out first one of the month was at Modelo Lounge in Hove. If you go there, you have to have their chilli con carne, it’s so hot but so good!

Myself and my friend Sophie went vintage shopping in The Lanes. I did a whole blog post and vlog on this so won’t go in to too much detail but we has a great time. Beyond Retro is our favourite place to vintage shop, with it’s massive expanse of clothing from all different brands, you can always pick up an amazing deal.

On December 12th, Lewis and I went and saw a band that I’ve mentioned loads on my channel, plus I even did an interview with them; Victory Lane. The boys played at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton, a favourite of Lewis’ and mine, it’s where we spent new year’s eve together. Of course the boys always put on a great show and it’s always high energy.

A highlight from the month was going back to London with my Mum to see the Balenciaga Exhibition, which I did a blog post on. We popped in to Selfridges on the way and I fell in love with the new Neonoe bag from Louis Vuitton. The exhibition was fantastic and I would recommend a visit. Read my blog post on the exhibition for more details.

Another highlight was my Hanging by a Thread blog post. I was really proud of this one and how the photos turned out. I’ve been wearing this jumper a lot since buying it and it’s become a new staple in my wardrobe. I’ve been loving writing on my blog so much and post like this really make me proud. I hope you enjoyed it!

Now that the evenings are slightly (very very slightly) lighter, with the sun setting around 4.45pm, Lewis and I have been able to go for strolls along the beach again. I can’t wait to do this at 8pm like we did when we first moved down here. I miss those few days we had where we spent all day on the beach until the evening and watching the sun set around 8.30pm. It really is very beautiful.

Another favourite of the month (although the day didn’t quite go as planned) was going back to London with Lewis for a big trip out. His Dad and step-mum had got us an experience up the ARCELORMITTAL ORBIT SLIDE in the Olympic Park. It’s basically a big viewing tower, with a twist. It has a tunnel slide going from the top to the bottom and of course, you can go down it! It’s the longest tunnel slide in the world! The slide itself lasts around 45 seconds, which feels a lot longer when you are going down! I had to sit in a little sleeping bag, with a helmet before being thrown down the tunnel slide! It was a great experience. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed mobile phones/cameras up the top so I couldn’t take pictures of the view or of Lewis in his funny helmet. Afterwards, we had a voucher for a burger and fries at the restaurant on site. After that, as part of my Christmas present, Lewis had got us champagne up the top of the Shard, the tallest building in Europe. However, the weather had got so bad by then that there was no visibility at the top, so we didn’t get to go up. But don’t worry, we have rescheduled it for another time and I’ll take my camera for sure!

After that we went to Borough Market to have a quick look around and get some food. I love Borough Market, there’s always so much going on and it smells amazing because of all the wonderful food. Lewis got me a gingerbread man and he got a brownie.

The Shard

Outfit details:

Jumper – Topshop (similar here) | Trousers – Zara (similar here) | Trainers – Nike |

Bag – Vintage Chloe | Jacket – H&M

When we got back to Hove that night, we went for dinner at one of my favourite Mexican restaurants, Los Amigos in Hove. Getting chicken fajitas is somewhat sentimental for Lewis and I as we went to a Mexican restaurant for our first ever date.

Last but not least, Lewis and I heard that a new board game cafe had opened up on the seafront in Brighton! We love going to board game cafes, our favourite is LudoQuist in Corydon. We’ve visited the Dice Saloon in Brighton but its a bit run down so we were excited to hear a new one had opened. C:/Side Quest, is a great space, with great food and drinks on offer and a nice selection of board games. The board game selection was not as good as LudoQuist but I think thats because it’s only newly opened. They did however have a few of our favourites so we spent a good few hours there. We played Splendor, which is a game Lewis has wanted to play for ages. We also played Pandemic which is one of our favourite board games.


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