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I’m one of those people that easily gets stuck in either the past or the very current present. This isn’t always a bad thing and it can sometimes help me process things that have happened that I’m struggling with or make me very aware of moments I’m living in right now. However, it does tend to hinder me from looking towards the future. The immediate future, like a week ahead of now is easy to vision, usually because I’ve planned the upcoming week down to the last second in my planner. But what about beyond that, in 3 months, 6 months, a year? And is it even a good idea to plan that far ahead?

One of the best things about life is the not knowing. I like not knowing where I’ll be in a years time, I have ideas where I’ll be but who knows if they will come to fruition. I’m definitely not where I thought I’d be a year ago and yet I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, which interestingly enough is a phrase I’ve said with each passing year lately which can only be a good thing.

I lot has changed over the last few months which I always find unsettling, like something isn’t sitting right. None of the changes are bad, in fact they are all leading to brand new opportunities in my life that I’m currently thriving on. Yet there’s that feeling of a knot in my stomach because although all the changes are good, they are still changes – something I find very hard to deal with.

So my aim is to accept this feeling and let it spur me on to keep striving for change, because since these changes started happening, things have only gotten better.

My outfit: This outfit revolves around current second hand favourites. I’ve been experimenting with layering again lately since the weather turned colder and I have loved layering second hand pieces with new items.
Shop my look:
Vest worn underneath – Beyond Retro Secondhand
Vest worn over the top – Cos (bought in sale, no longer available)
Jeans – bought second hand on depop originally from Cos (Barrel leg wide fit)
Shoes – Veja
Socks – Arket
Coat – Joseph coat bought second hand in a charity shop

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