It’s the end of another month! I feel like March went by so quickly this year. It’s been a busy one too which I always like, I’ve had a few weekends away and friends visit which is always lovely, it’s nice to change things up once in a while. So let’s take a look back at what I got up to…

Starting with my friend from London, Nicole coming down to visit! Nicole and I have known each other since high school. This weekend we went shopping in town and then out for drinks at 3rd Avenue in Hove and then on to The Mash Tun in town where they do a 2000’s classic music night.

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Then it was my Dad’s birthday! We went bowling.

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Out for dinner with Lewis.

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We went to visit Lewis’ Mum who’s dog had just had 5 puppies! They were needless to say absolutely gorgeous and I had many cuddles with them. We also went for breakfast at a lovely cafe called Curious Kitchen which I recommend going to if you are in the Brixham area of Devon. I ordered Pancakes and both Lewis and his Mum enjoyed their meals too. We also went to a cocktail bar in the evening called CoCo.

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Trying out new coffee places in Brighton. Coffee@33 has become a sure favourite.

Brighton Magazine is one of my favourite small shops in the lanes. They have an insane variety of magazines. My favourites being AnOther, Hunger and LOVE. They have a huge selection from all different categories such as art, photography, fashion and food etc.

Back to cocktails at 3rd Avenue. It’s my favourite cocktail bar in Hove.

And lastly, my parents came to visit for the day over Easter. We went for a 4 mile walk around Hove, Brighton, The Lanes and the pier. And it didn’t rain which was a miracle!

So that’s it for March. I can’t wait to show you what’s in store for April! Don’t forget to check out the new videos over on my channel!

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