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While you’re reading this, I’m at home in London preparing myself for my second move in two years. Before my first move from London to Brighton, I had never moved house before! You can read all about my move to Brighton (now a year and a half ago – where has the time gone!) here. But I’m moving out of my seafront Hove flat and to the Seven Dials area of Brighton. I’m most excited as the new flat is HUGE and I’ll be living with my stunning best friend Sophie, who you’ve seen on the blog before. I’ll also be living with a tiny chihuahua called Connie so what more could I ask for. I won’t go in to why I’m moving, some of you can guess and if you know me in real life you’ll probably already know but it’s private and not for the blog.

However, I did want to share my move on here because these situations, even when difficult need to be celebrated and there is always a silver lining. That’s a big statement coming from me – a certified pessimist.

I can’t wait to decorate my new room, I’ve ordered all new furniture and of course will do a room tour on my channel which I’m hoping will be a good come back video after my break from youtube (due to the move).

But here, I wanted to show you some photos I took on my 35mm film camera. I happened to get a little down one evening and fancied going for a walk along the seafront. Some beautiful things happened on this walk that normally I wouldn’t of picked up on but I was in one of those moods where the world looks a bit more vivid than normal. During my walk, the sun was setting at around 7.15pm. The sky was electric, filled with sherbet pinks and yellows, it truly took my breath away. The i360 pod was at full ascent and the fun fair lights on the pier were lit. It was a beautiful moment.

I just sat on a bench for a while and told myself that everything would work out.

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