Moving in

Ahhh. It’s feels good to be writing in my new, larger, more beautiful bedroom. Thank you all for your patience while I moved house, I didn’t plan on being away from my platforms so much but I just needed time to sort everything out!

I can’t even explain how amazing I feel in our new flat. I’m so happy here and feel so at home already. I wanted to share some ideas with you on how I’ve made a rented space feel more homely and how I’ve added touches of my personality to create a space that feels like home.

Firstly, Sophie and I created many mood boards and had a theme in mind, which luckily was very similar! I’m grateful we have very similar tastes with small differences that add a real quirkiness. This made it really easy to come up with ideas of what we wanted the flat to look like and how we could add our personalities to the interior.

For my room especially, Pinterest has been a god send when planning how to create a space that felt more me. I had furniture such as my bed and reading chair coming with me from my old flat. These are still pieces I loved and wanted to have in my new room, so the Scandinavian theme had to be a part of my new room. In addition to that, I wanted to add in some vintage pieces such as retro styles or 1960’s themes. I also knew I wanted to add more art work and prints. Once I’d come up with themes for my room, I started pulling these ideas together and researching where’s best to buy such items.

For the majority of our new pieces, Ikea was a go-to. With it’s built in Scandinavian style and easy set up, most of our new pieces of furniture came from there. Something new that I used was Facebook Marketplace. This was were I found my vintage cabinet for my bedroom which I love so much. It’s wonderful to have a piece with history and character. Lastly Flying Tiger and HomeSense have been amazing for filling the room with items such as coasters, plant pots, cushions and trinkets.

If you want to know where anything is from, let me know in the comments. There were too many pieces to list everything in a shop link form! The prints are from Cult Hero in Brighton.

Photos by Phoebe Rose

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