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The past month I’ve had to go on a major spending ban due to being in between nannying roles. So instead of spending I’ve been creating wish lists, ready for when I get my new pay-check at the end of this month! Although I hate not being able to do big shopping sprees like normal, I’ve found it quite interesting creating wish lists on various retail sites and seeing how I delete and add new things over the weeks. It’s made me realise I can be a very compulsive buyer. If I had of been able to, I would of bought the 10 original items that were in my Zara shopping bag at the beginning of the month with out any question and have been severely out of pocket, how ever, every item in that original 10 has now been swapped for a different item. It got me thinking, when shopping online and in store, do I just see things I like and go straight for them with out thinking? The funny thing is, I was so so sure I wanted those original 10 items, I would have bought them on the spot, but now I can’t even remember any of them! And I’m much more excited about the items in my Zara shopping bag now. It’s definitely taught me that I should slow down when buying, think though my items before purchasing and perhaps narrow the list down by at least 3 items. It really made me think about the way I shop and spend.

On the other hand, until I can shop again next month (and don’t worry, you guys will be getting a massive haul on my youtube and outfit posts on my blog with all the new pieces) I thought I would throw my dream wish lists together and show you what I’ve been swooning over on Zara, TopShop and Urban Outfitters.


First of all on Zara is the amazing checked blazer. I’ve been on the look out for a checked blazer for a very long time, I’ve been very picky about what kind of shape I wanted. I knew I wanted a boxy, masculine fit and nothing too tailored or cinched in. As always, Zara delivered with this amazing piece. I love the boxy fit, the straight down seams and the checked pattern is perfect. The simple lapels, the two buttons and neat pockets all checked vital boxes on my ‘perfect blazer’ list. The material used isn’t overly structured but still falls nicely. It’s everything thing I’ve been looking for plus at a great price!

Checked Blazer – £49.99

Next up is the high neck top. It’s basically a roll neck for the spring and I love it! You guys know my feelings about roll necks, they’ve been such a staple in my wardrobe this season. So what better than a sleeveless one for those warmer days. A new staple for Spring, redone. This is a must have for next season. One in every colour please!

High Neck Top – £12.99

I’ve been looking for some new t-shirt style dresses lately but ones with a bit of a twist. I saw this dress and instantly loved the floaty material and the sporty vibe. I’d seen a lot of these in Urban Outfitters for a much higher price. I love their sporty tennis dress feel from the zip detail and strip down the side. I think this piece would look great with trainers and and black tights to slim the legs (go tights free for warmer days).

Sateen Dress – £25.99

Like a pro I managed to shrink all my TopShop jeans one week after moving out. Classic school boy error. Hence why you haven’t seen me in jeans a lot except my Lee jeans from Beyond Retro. So a few jeans are definitely going to appear in this haul. First up is this pair of skinny jeans. I actually can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of skinny’s. I’ve been living in mom jeans for over two years but I felt it was time to have a least one pair back in rotation. I love this pair as the aren’t overly tight but can still be worn with some knee high boots, which is my main styling idea for them. I like the little ripped detail and the fact they aren’t too high waisted. It will be a challenge to style these again but I think with a t-shirt tucked in and a pair of boots, they will slot back in to my wardrobe with ease.

Ripped Skinny Jeans – £25.99

Another pair of jeans now, these double hemmed ones caught my attention for being a bit different. I love the dark grey/blue wash and the creased colour at the bottom. The double hem adds some length. I also love the straight leg style and it’s something I’ve been wanting to get in to for a while. Again these aren’t too high waisted which is something I’m starting to move away from now, I prefer the look of a mid waist jean over a high waist lately. Above the bottom hem, these are a standard pair of jeans, but those little details make them look new and quirky, which has always drawn me in. I also like the price, nearly half of what TopShop and Urban Outfitters charge for their denim.

Double Hem Jeans – £25.99

I couldn’t not feature at least one pair of mom jeans. It wouldn’t be a complete denim collection without a pair. I like these simple mom jeans, they do the job and I like the light wash denim, it’s not something I have a lot of and I wanted them to be a different shade of a denim to the other two pairs I’ve shown you. These come in a few different colours so if you prefer dark denim, grey denim or black then you can still wear these.

Classic High Rise Mom Fit Jeans – £25.99

Something again for the warmer days now and I love this asymmetric jumper. The roll neck obviously ticks a box for me and the one-sleeve-no-sleeve off balance look is so cool. This with a pair of jeans or my Zara popper side trousers would look so put together. One of those simple pieces that can really complete an outfit.

Asymmetric Sweater – £12.99

On to some outerwear now and I’ve been wanting a new coat for the Spring. As you guys know I love my puffer jacket from H&M, but it will be too warm for the Spring/Summer. I will go back to wearing my long camel coat from Zara that you’ve seen before, but I wanted something new, something shorter and something grey. Et voila! This coat will be so easy to throw on over a t-shirt and jeans combo, for that added bit of warmth. It not too thick so won’t make me hot but will just keep the Brighton wind off. This is at such an affordable price too.

Super Soft Coat – £49.99

I had to throw in a dress for a Spring/Summer haul too of course. This one reminded me of the style and shape of my Zara knitted grey dress that featured in my Layers & Lengths blog post. it has a similar fit and length but a Spring/Summer vibe. The material flows better and obviouly isn’t a knit so this will be perfect for warm days. I still love that long line dress style so it fits in with that, plus I don’t have many navy things so I’m excited to style this. I also love the sporty stripe down the side which will also give a slimmer appearance. Paired with some boots, trainers or flat mules, this will be a really stylish look.

Long Two-Tone Dress – £29.99

And last but certainly not least, a little splurge. These boots are everything I have ever wanted. I’ve been looking for some slouchy leather knee high boots for ages, ever since I mentioned them in a Fashion Forecast video on my channel a few months ago, and these might just be perfect! I literally love everything about them; the slouch on the calf, the pointed toe, the block heel. They are pure perfection and if these go out of stock before I can buy them I will actually cry. These are a non-negotiable on my wish list. THEY WILL BE MINE. I would style them with the dress above, over the skinny jeans previously mentioned, with my Zara long knit dress, with the sateen tennis style dress above, with a denim skirt, pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Words can’t express my love for them. What a bloody dream.

Leather High Heel Boots – £169


First up are some more jeans. I think it’s only fair seeing as I did shrink all my others. As I mentioned before, I really want to try a straight leg jean and these seem pretty perfect. I love how boxy the bottoms are and the straight leg look will hopefully add some length to my legs. Apart from that, they are pretty standard but I’m excited to see what I can do with this new fit. I’m also interested in whether them being double the price of the Zara jeans, will show in the quality.

Moto Mid Blue New Boyfriend Jeans – £42

Back to my love of weird trousers and here we have some terracotta wide leg jeans. These remind me of the shape of my pink corduroy trousers from UO, but in terracotta denim form. I love the colour and the wide leg of course, but something else that stands out to me (and something that’s been catching my eye a lot recently) is the white contrast stitching. For some reason I’ve really been loving this lately, something about it makes me super happy.

Moto Terracotta Cropped Wide Leg Jeans – £40

Up next is something a little different, even for me! I really like these khaki cargo pants. There’s something very retro about them and of course, very practical with all those pockets! As you know, I love anything that’s wide legged and this colour has always been a favourite of mine. I’d style these with a roll neck or t-shirt and keep it simple with some trainers. A really classic easy look but one that isn’t boring.

Moto Cargo Wide Leg Cropped Jeans – £40

Another, pair of trousers. I guess after shrinking four pairs I just became obsessed? Again another pair with a contrasting stitch, this time in pink. I love these white jeans with the pink stitch, there’s something just so cool about them. White denim is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, so these would be the perfect addition. The little touch of colour from the pink stitching is so cute and cool. Of course, the matching jacket wouldn’t go a miss either!

Contrast Stitch Oversized Utility Trousers – £45

On to a jumper. Yes, a jumper, for Spring, because let’s face it, it’s not all sunny days and warm weather. This one however will work for any weather. This thin knit jumper is perfect for Spring, with it’s lighter, thinner material and cropped fit. I love the colours used on it, the navy, orange and cream work so well together and are colours I don’t wear often. I love the slightly cropped fit and long sleeves, perfect for putting a light coat over the top.

Colour Block Knitted Jumper – £40

Surprise! Another pair of wide leg jeans! Shocker, I know. These jeans are wider than the bloody Grand Canyon but I love them none the less. I love the tight fit at the top and the descent in to the wide hem, plus the dark denim is something I don’t have a lot of.

Moto Dark Blue Wide Leg Jeans – £46

Last on the list from TopShop are these popper pants. Not my first pair (I have a navy pair from Zara that you’ve seen lots of times) but they are something I really love and the pattern on these is amazing! I love the popper detail and this check with the blue running through is so Spring appropriate. I love the blocks of grey in between to break the pattern up so it’s not too much. A really stylish piece.

Checked Popper Trousers – £50


First up from Urban Outfitters is this Calvin Klein high neck top. I love the tight and cropped fit of this top. It’s super simple, plain black with the logo in a white rectangle but I love the sporty feel and the 90’s throw back. This with jeans would be such an easy but put together look.

Calvin Klein High Neck Top – £55

On to these amazing white jeans. I’m so in love with these, I think they might be a must have! I love the flood cut of them, the same cut as my pink corduroys also from UO. The tight fit at the top and the wide crop at the bottom all shout out to me. Definitely in to this white denim trend.

BDG Flood Ecru Jeans – £50

So that’s it for my wish lists, What were your favourite pieces and what have you been loving online and in store? I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and think I might make it a semi regular piece. Hopefully none of them go out of stock before the end of the month!


All photos belong to the retail sites.

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