My Skin Care Routine: Using Skyn Iceland

I’m the kind of person that is constantly on the search for new skin products. I can’t go in to Boots without leaving with 50 things I didn’t even go in there for. I’m a sucker for skin care products, I have a whole drawer dedicated to it in my room and believe me, it used to be more before I moved.

Recently, while in Marks & Spencer, I came across a brand called Skyn Iceland. I had heard of it before but never looked in to trying it. There was this amazing deal going on where you could get something like £190 worth of products for £38 ( the price of just one of the products!). I jumped at the chance to try it so I bought the SAVING FACE KIT and received the HEALTHY SKIN KIT for free!

The products I bought:

Nordic Skin Peel

Icelandic Relief Eye Cream

Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels x2

The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion x2

Glacial Face Wash x2

Blemish Dots

I was so excited to try the products. I wanted to try the whole range together with no other products that might interfere with the results. I’ve been using Skyn Iceland ever since!

My Favourites:

The NORDIC SKIN PEEL PADS are amazing for when I start seeing blemishes or spots beginning to appear. I use them every two or three days. The pads contain Biospheric complex which includes glacial waters, arctic berries and pure oxygen. I feel these pads really clear my skin and wash out any clogged pores. Even when I think I’ve taken all my makeup off, I use one of these pads and some make up still shows up on it. The next morning my skin is noticeably clearer and the blemishes are reduced.

The GLACIAL FACE WASH is great when I’m in the shower. I pump one drop in to my hands, lather it up and rub in to my face. It smells so fresh! I then wash it all off with water and a muslin cloth. After, my skin feels refreshed and cleansed.

The BLEMISH DOTS are these amazing see-through stickers that you apply to any spots or pimples on your face. I put them on at night and by the morning the spot is greatly reduced. They kill the bacteria in the pores and reduce the swelling and redness over night.

All the Skyn Iceland products are vegan and cruelty free.

Check out ‘My Skin Care Routine‘ video on my YouTube channel to find out even more about these products and see exactly how I use them!

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