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Dior have always been my favourite high end make up brand. There is something about their make up and brand aesthetic that always draws me in. For the most part I use high street brands such as L’Oreal and Maybelline. But sometimes, when I want to treat myself, or I walk in to the Boots in Brighton that has all the designer make up stands, I just can’t resist! This time though I purposefully went to the Dior stand as I was very interested in their new ‘Dior Addict Lacquer Plump Lipsticks’. You may have seen the recent adverts with Bella Hadid as the face of Dior make up. I think what intrigued me about these lip lacquers, is:

– I can’t wear matte lipsticks on my lips as my lips are too small, so anything that has a lacquer finish always catches my attention

– One of my favourite high street lip sticks was the Rimmel ‘Apocalips Lip Lacquers’. I believe these has since been discontinued but luckily I still have three in my collection. These Dior Lacquers sounded like the high end version

– Lastly, and I hate to admit it but the packaging is stunning. What can I say? I’m a sucker for consumerism.

So with all that said, I went to the Dior stand to find out more about these lacquers. I chose the shade ‘Lovely-D’ as it was pretty much my perfect shade; a very beige pink with a hint of mauve. The first thing I noticed when applying the lip lacquer was how light it was on my lips. Even after extended wear, you can’t feel this product sitting on the lips at all, if anything, it just feels like a lip balm. That’s down to its moisturising properties. The lacquer contains hibiscus extract that helps plump the lips and hyaluronic acid to moisturise for up to 24 hours! The lacquer also leaves a tint on the lips, so even if the product is wiped off during eating/drinking, the colour remains for up to 8 hours!

I love the finish of the lacquer, it gives intense shine and feels just like a super hydrating balm but looks like a fully intensely pigmented gloss on the lips. I never had a product like it.

While at the stand, I had also been contemplating getting the DiorSkin ‘Nude Foundation’. Unfortunately, it was sold out, but I think I ended up with something better. An alternative to the ‘Nude Foundation’ is the DiorSkin ‘Nude Air Serum’. If anything, this sounded even more up my street. This foundation is described as a tinted serum, that is light on the skin and gives even coverage with out being heavy at all. Perfect! If you guys watch my YouTube videos, you’ll of seen my recent GRWM video where I talk about my natural looking make up routine. I wanted a high end foundation that fitted this description and this one fit the bill. The ‘Nude Air Serum’ is a lightweight tinted serum which offers medium coverage with an enhanced complexion and sheer correction of the skin. No coverage needed when the serum completely colour corrects your skin, looking as natural as possible. It gives a radiant glow which I love, I look like I’ve been lying on the beach. The glow it gives is super natural. The serum contains a medley of hyper-oxygenated oils, Cranberry oil, vitamins and minerals, so it’s good for your skin too and let’s your skin breath through out the day. The serum comes with a dropper applicator that gives you the exact amount of product you need. I think it’s the best foundation I’ve ever used!

My shade is 010 Ivory.

Plus, I got a free Dior make up bag! Normally, you only got this bag if you spent over £100, but the offer had ended and they still had bags left over so they gave them to anyone buying two products! The bag has a lift flap opening that has a magnetic popper closure. I have been using it in my Celine bag as a ‘catch all’ for the loose bits in my bag such as hairbands, hair clips, lip balm, a mirror and of course now my new Dior Addict Lacquer Plump Lip Stick!

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