Now Playing #03

Welcome back to another instalment of Now Playing. I’ve been listening to lots of new music lately and wanted to share some songs and albums that you might also enjoy!

Starting off with some music that is new to me but came out last year – Joji. Wow. Thanks to Sophie for this recommendation because it’s all I’ve been listening to lately. I love the slowness of the music mixed with the beats in the background. So up my street at the moment and will be getting played for a while to come. My favourite songs on the album ‘BALLADS 1’ are ‘WANTED U‘ and ‘R.I.P‘. Listen to this album as soon as you can!

Next up is Col3trane. An artist I’ve loved for a while, he has now come out with a new album called ‘Heroine’. Again, along the lines of slow music mixed with good beats, Col3trane manages to make rap and calmness work together. My favourite songs on the album are ‘Heroine‘ and ‘Problems in us‘.

A single I’ve been listening to lately is ‘Late night feelings ft Lykke Li‘ by Mark Ronson. This song is the perfect mix of summer evenings out and staying in bed reading. It’s an all round belter.

I couldn’t do this post with out mentioning ‘Sucker‘ by Jonas Brothers. I’M OBSESSED. You couldn’t get a more poppy pop song but here I am loving it which is highly unlike me, but I make exceptions for the Jonas Brothers. This revival has also led to me singing Camp Rock songs most evenings at the top of my lungs, much to the delight of my flatmates. Also, do go listen to Halsey’s 1920’s cabaret version of this song that she did on Radio 1’s Live Lounge…it’s incredible.

Lastly, let’s talk about Tyler, the Creator’s new album ‘IGOR’. Great for long drives and getting ready in the morning, I love how he mixes hip hop beats with classic instruments. Loving the song ‘EARFQUAKE‘ at the moment.

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