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Another month has passed and it’s time to share my recent music, tv and reading favourites with you!

I’m still loving Joji and his new song Sanctuary that he released last month. I’ve still been obsessing over his album that I mentioned in my previous ‘now playing‘ post too.
A new in song has been ‘Blame it on your love‘ by Charli XCX. I’m not normally a pop fan but I kept hearing this song on the radio and it’s just so good for driving home and having a good sing along.
I’ve talked you all before about Phil Taggart’s radio 1 show ‘The Chillest Show‘ where he showcases the best chill music each week. One that stood out to me on one of his recent shows was ‘Coming up for air‘ by The Hour. I hadn’t heard of them before but really love this slow beat song.

I’m not sure I’ve spoken about tv shows before but I have to talk about Killing Eve on BBC1. I was a late comer to the show, already missing the first season. The second season came out a couple of months ago and I finally took the plunge and binged watched the first season, got completely addicted and then watched the whole of the second season too! What a show! I love the dynamic of the characters and how they develop through out the episodes. The writing of the show is amazing and the acting is superior to many other shows I’ve watched before.
A real must see.

I finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers and although it took me a while to get in to the book, once your hooked it’s game over. The story is phenomenal and really very close to home with this weird utopian outlook on social media that some how seems possible in the future, which if the book is anything to go by, would be catastrophic for us all. Eggers thought out the plot well and although I found it hard to cut off due to the book not having chapters, I soon realised this may be due to the books obsessions with completion, consistency and being ‘whole’. I feel there may be no chapters to coincide with the plot of the story and the circle being never ending, as it were.
I’m currently reading The Water Cure and finding it a very curious read. It’s weird but I love that and the story develops with every turn of the page. I will do a full review on my youtube once I’ve finished reading it, until then do check out my last book review video.

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