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To make up for not putting a post up on the 1st of Feb, here is an extra post this week! I really wanted to talk about how my music taste has changed recently. If you guys are OG subscribers to my youtube channel, you may remember I used to do a series about upcoming bands you should listen to. These were mainly pop punk and rock bands that I loved at the time and don’t get me wrong, I will always love rock music but lately somethings shifted. Maybe it’s because the lyrics aren’t as relatable to me anymore (which is probably a good thing) and I’m just not as angry as I used to be? Maybe it’s the fact music taste can evolve and change with you? Or maybe I just like different music now? What ever the reason, lately I’ve shifted to a different kind of genre, more chilled rap, jazz backgrounds and calm hip hop. I think a lot of this comes from listening to the Chilliest Show with Phil Taggart on Radio 1. I love listening to music while reading my current book or flicking through magazine articles so I’ve also included some 35mm photos of some really great articles I’ve enjoyed recently. So here are a few songs that have been on repeat lately, all are linked to Spotify and can be found in my playlist called ‘when I need to calm the fuck down’ on my Spotify:

Love it if we Made it – The 1975
Body – Syd
Pink + White – Frank Ocean
Blind Man – Xavier Omar
After The Storm – Kali Uchis
Betrayed – Lil Xan
Ottolenghi – Loyle Carner
Fool For You – Snoh Aalegra
Sirens – Sonder
Hands – Octavian
Selfish – Little Simz
Lost in the Fire – Gesaffelstein ft The Weeknd
Where’s the Catch? – James Blake ft Andre 3000
Mile High – James Blake ft Travis Scott
Chanel – Frank Ocean
Malibu Sleep – Col3trane
LOVE.FEAT.ZACARI – Kendrick Lamar ft Zacari

Let me know what you’ll all listening to now. Music will always be a big part of my life, but I used to use music to as a sort of coping mechanism, sometimes having music playing at all hours of the day. Now I enjoy it more for what it really is. But Enter Shikari will always be my favourite band, nothing will ever change that.

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