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I’ve managed to go from living in the same house for 22 years to moving 3 times in two years. Each move has signified a pivotal moment in my life, so I’ve come to associate moving house with a new chapter and a new start. This for me is a lovely feeling and I’m so excited to move again, although I do wish I could click my fingers and it all be done instantaneously!

The first time I moved house was the big move to Brighton. This ended up being the best decision of my life, because it brought me out my comfort zone, gave me a new independence and I found the best friends I’ve ever known. My second move was fairly sudden but was very needed and introduced me to a lot of realisations. Living here in my current flat was always going to be a pit stop and fairly temporary but I feel so fortunate that I got to live with my best friend Sophie and met my other housemate Beth through this move and of course Connie the dog. This flat was a safe haven for me and since living here I’ve really found myself (I know that sounds so corny but yup). I’ve regained my confidence and have been able to put more focus on myself. I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the last 8 months and it’s been really nice to do so.

So on to my next move! Next Thursday Sophie and I move in to a gorgeous two bed flat in a victorian villa, staying in the Seven Dials area. In fact, we are moving only two roads away from where we are now! I really can’t wait for this fresh start with my best friend and of course to decorate! Also I will have a much bigger room than my current one, thank goodness! AND A BUILT IN WARDROBE FOR MY CLOTHES! Here’s to the next chapter…

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