Pin It Up: The Hair Accessories Trend

If there’s one thing I care least about regarding my appearance, it’s HAIR! I just really don’t bother with it to be honest. I’ll give it a quick brush of course in the morning, a bit of dry shampoo if needed but that is it. I do straighten my hair sometimes and if I’m really feeling adventurous, I may put about two curls in before I get bored of doing that too. I just don’t really care about my hair! Luckily I have naturally wavy hair and I always let my hair dry naturally, mainly because I like my natural hair but also because even the thought of blow drying it tires me out.

So it came as a surprise when I started seeing lots of runway looks that featured pinning up hair with clips, ties and hair accessories. I actually thought to myself “I’d like to try that”. Me – putting effort in – SHOCKER. The accessories that stood out to me the most were the clips. It seemed like an easy addition and not too complicated. They are so simple to style and you really can’t go too wrong. So I took myself off to Boots and went in search of some hair accessories. Luckily, I had enough points on my Boots card to get these pieces for free, which was an added bonus!

So let’s get in to it! Starting off with these ‘barrette’ hair clips. These came in a pack of two, one shiny metal and the other a muted brushed metal. I really love these because not only are they pretty but I’m finding them to be super practical too! They look great and keep any hair out of my face and stop me from putting my hair behind my ear so much which is something I always do. I’ve styled the first one in the way I’ve seen them styled most on the runway, which is on one side, keeping back the hair. I love this look and it’s so easy to do. I think it has a real Spring Summer feel and looks so chic. This is the muted brushed metal one first.

The same but different, this next clip is the shinier of the two. Worn in a different way, I love how these can hold a good amount of my hair away from my face. Like I said, I never properly style my hair so this was new for me but I literally took a portion of hair and clipped it back in one second. No fuss and I din’t mind too much about neatness. The sort of undone look really suits this style.

Something a bit different now. I’d seen a lot of these shaped hair clips on Tumblr recently and really liked them. I thought again they were such an easy, effortless way to style your hair differently. I want to find circle and square ones too as I saw them on Tumblr. This one however is a triangle and I think looks so pretty. I’ve clipped some hair back on the side with this but I really want to use it when my hair is up, to clip up baby hairs underneath a bun or ponytail. I’ve styled it a few different ways, up slightly higher on the side, in with a bun and also just above the ear.

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