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So back in April I purchased the new version of the Louis Vuitton NeoNoe in the black epi leather. This is the new version of the Noe bag, originally in the classic Louis Vuitton monogram, now reimagined in their famous epi leather for a more modern and durable look. It stole my heart when I first saw it back in January in Selfridges London. I remember spotting it, high up on the shelf in store. Previous to seeing this bag, Louis Vuitton was not somewhere I went for bags. I’ve never been a fan of the monogram print, but lately LV have moved away from their classic print and redesigned their bags for a more modern look – which I am all for. This was the first time I had seen a LV bag that I had actually been serious about buying. So 3 months down the line, I took the plunge and haven’t looked back.

For me, the typical bag I go for is a cross body style. They are practical, easy and often smaller. However, recently I found the need for a bigger shoulder bag, especially in the run up to autumn and winter, where hats, gloves and umbrellas need to be on hand at all times! So the new NeoNoe seemed like the perfect option.

The pros:

– the bag can been worn in many ways. I bought it mainly to wear as a shoulder bag which can be done by shortening the strap. But the strap can be adjusted to a longer length and can be worn crossbody, long on the shoulder and I’ve even seen people using it on the shorter length crossbody style and push round the back for a rucksack look. The bag also comes with a top handle so it can be hand held or worn on the crook of your arm. This makes the bag super versatile for all occasions.

– The leather. The NeoNoe has been redesigned in the LV epi leather, which is a very hard and durable material. Almost completely scratch proof due to it’s embossed style, the leather can bare some rough and tumble which is what I need living in a city.

– The NeoNoe now comes in many colour choices. Originally only sold in the monogram canvas, the bag now can be found in a range of bright contrasting colours in the epi leather for example pink with red strap, yellow with purple strap or red with blue strap. I opted for the all black though as it just goes with everything.

– The size of the NeoNoe is perfect, not too big, not too small. It manages to be a medium size bag but extremely lightweight even when filled!

– The bag it not so obviously Louis Vuitton. With only the subtle LV logo on the bottom corner and Louis Vuitton on the hardware, you have to look very closely to see it’s Vuitton which I like.

The Cons:

– I honestly could only think of one and that is that the bottom of the bag is just a smooth leather which I thought would get scratched when placed on surfaces however, so far I haven’t noticed any. However, as you can see in the photos, it does pick up debris.

Overall the NeoNoe is a fabulous bag and I highly recommend it! For its easy of sue, versatility and durable leather, it’s the perfect bag for city life.

The NeoNoe retails for £1,480

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Photos by Stacey Louise White

Author: rayofstyle

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