Shorts and the City

As you know, I’m very picky about what trends I do and don’t get in to. If it’s not my personal style then I won’t wear it. But here is a trend that I’m all for – suit shorts. This season shorts are coming back in many different ways yet they all have something in common and that seems to be that they are knee length. Whether it’s cycle shorts, legging shorts, Bermuda shorts or suit shorts, this trend hits at the knees. It’s not for everyone but I personally love it and thought I’d show you all how I would wear the suit short style.

With their high waist, these shorts are super flattering despite their knee length cut off. I love how you can dress these up and down, perfect for a day to night look. Here I’ve paired them with a white tee, a pair of platform brogues to add in some hight and a camel blazer warm up the look.

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