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I’ve previously talked about sustainability in the fashion industry on my blog and channel talking about what this means, how it affects our environment and some ways to shop more sustainably. Since my previous post on the subject, I’ve made the conscious decision to shop better and research some sustainable and environmentally friendly brands. One of the brands that really caught my eye was BYEM. I’m very excited to say we have worked together on this post and I have the pleasure of showing you how I styled some of their amazing pieces.

Firstly, while researching the brand, I was amazed at the lengths BYEM go to to create such sustainable and ethical products. Whether it’s sourcing their materials from sustainable suppliers that work to the Global Organic Textile Standards or making sure all the companies involved have fair working conditions. This includes no child or slave labour being involved at any point during production. All the textiles used in the garments are organic and certified as so. And to top it all off, for every order shipped they have a planting scheme, in which a plant is planted in South Sudan for every order that is sent out to a customer.

So let’s talk about the garments. What I loved most about the BYEM range is how versatile it is. Its truly made for a capsule wardrobe, the items can be worn time and time again with multiple outfits and items you already own. This of course means less need to shop and consume clothing that you won’t wear. All the pieces are timeless and transcend trends, meaning you’ll have them for longer. These truly are pieces that will stay in you wardrobe for years, constantly working with you and your outfits and never going out of style. Their Scandinavian heritage can been seen through out, due to their minimalistic style. Each piece is tailored perfectly while still keeping a feminine edge.

I’ve loved styling these outfits and can’t wait to show you more ways in which these items can be worn. From their simplicity and versatility I can see how these pieces will last in my wardrobe. The quality of the garments is second to none, they are thick and luxurious to touch with a practicality that works for everyday outfits.

Shop the looks-
Pink Tee *
Beige Sweater Top *
Corduroy Skirt *
Corduroy Pants *

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post

All photos by Stacey Louise White


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