The Fashion Forecast A/W18

Okay, so for those of you that have been following me for a while, you may know that every few months I film my Fashion Forecast video for my YouTube channel. These are short and sweet videos giving you guys a look at my mood board, running you through the up coming trends of the season. Well, I wanted to see how that would translate to the blog. I also ran out of shoot content and I’m not shooting again until Sunday so here we are. But I was interested to see how I could share my mood board with you guys on the blog and if it would work. So here is attempt number one.

This seasons is mainly focusing on:



Cowboy/Western themes

Of course there are many more but these are the main three I wanted to concentrate on, a few more will be featured in my next Fashion Forecast video in two weeks time.


Yes, they are back! I love a trend that is cool and practical and this one works perfectly. Puffers give a cool sporty look to any outfit and I love the bulkiness of them too. I find them fairly easy to style, even with less casual looks, I think they add that sporty edge to any outfit. You can either keep it simple; jeans and a tee plus a puffer or change things up a bit – what about a slip dress with a jumper over and a puffer thrown on too? Layering at it’s most chic. I’ll definitely be bringing my H&M puffer out again this season.


This one I am really excited about. I have a long love affair with plaid, it’s something about the different varieties and colours that can be incorporated in to it. This year, the more colourful the better. With designers like Versace and Balenciaga leading the way – I’m taking note. It’s easy to style too, either go all out in a plaid blazer, dress or trousers (TopShop have some amazing options) or keep it understated with a plaid bag, hat or even shoes. Style along side another plaid item in a different check to add a cool contrast or with something plain to pair it down.

Cowboy/Western Theme

Now, this one is slightly trickier to style especially because you can end up looking like you’ve just left a fancy dress party. I think the main thing to remember is to pick one key item that is western themed and stick with it. For me this will be boots. Boots are a staple in any wardrobe and a pure necessity in my opinion. So a pair of cowboy boys won’t go a miss. Styled with a slip dress (maybe a plaid one – kill two birds with one stone?) or a pair of jeans and you’re set.

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