The importance of versatility

I know lately I’ve been talking a lot about my new shopping style such as buying second hand pieces and vintage items. But I also want to talk about buying versatile pieces too. I get that not everyone is ready to make the switch from retail shopping to secondhand shopping. Yet there are still changes you can make to reduce the amount you shop and there for help not only yourself but reduce the demand for fast fashion.

One of the best ways of doing this is only buying versatile pieces. What I mean by this, is pieces that go with at least 70% of the rest of your current wardrobe. By doing this, not only will you get more wear out of the pieces but you’ll reduce your need to buy more items in the future. Over time you’ll start to see how you wardrobe integrates completely within it’s self.

Here I’m wearing a jumpsuit from ASOS (bought before I started to reduce my retail purchases). This jumpsuit has been one of my most worn pieces this year due to the fact it is so easy to style in many different ways. Of course, the jumpsuit on its own looks great and is so comfortable and easy to wear. However, you can also style it with a roll neck or t-shirt underneath or something over the top. Here I have styled it with a COS top over it, which gives the illusion that the jumpsuit is just a pair of trousers therefore completely changing how it looks on and how it works in my wardrobe. I can create so many different outfits with this one item!

Shop my look:
Cos top (sold out but similar linked)
Coat - COS bought second hand on Depop

Photography by Stacey Louise White

Author: rayofstyle

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