The last of France on 35mm

So I may be back from my holiday but the weather in England is no different to what it was in France! I might be jumping in the sea instead of the pool and still managing to wear a bikini at some point every day here but I miss France and my family so much. I loved shooting photos on my Dad’s 1970’s film camera. It was such a great experience and an amazing learning curve – one I’ve carried on since I’ve been home (you’ll see the latest photos soon!). But I thought I’d show you the last few photos I took on my second roll of film two days before we left France.

Again, I’m still learning how to use this camera properly – having to gauge the aperture and focus yourself is more difficult than it sounds. But it’s a skill I’m picking up quickly especially now I’ve got a new battery for the camera which moves a needle in the view finder to show you a visual light meter. A few of these photos are a bit overexposed and one got half washed out as I had my first disaster with rolling the end of the film. After thinking I had fully rolled it back, I opened the back of the camera and realised not only had it not rolled back properly, therefore exposing some film to the light but the film had also torn through one photo! I managed to take the whole camera to the film developing shop and they fixed it for me! I only lost 4 photos from back in Brighton and one from France got half washed out but overall it could have been a lot worse!

I can’t wait to show you more photos I’ve taken and hopefully my skills will improve, but for now here’s the last of France.

Author: rayofstyle

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