The Lost Roll of Film

What a lovely little discovery this was. A roll of film I’d forgotten I had taken! These photos were taken over the month of July and I can’t tell you how nostalgic it was to find these photos, even though they weren’t taken too long ago.

There are some really wonderful memories on this roll, like watching the partial luna eclipse on the beach with my friends where we wrote our wishes for the future on pieces of paper and set them alight before the ashes went in to the sea, visiting the Leonardo Di Vinci exhibition in London with my parents and of course the usual sightings around Brighton that still move me everyday despite the fact I’ve lived here the past two years.

There’s something about looking back over photos from the summer, it’s very grounding I find. These are also the last photos I took on my old film camera before getting my new Olympus Mju ii. I hope you enjoy x

Author: rayofstyle

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