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Finally, I have some newness to show you! I’ve been so inspired lately but so many images on Instagram, Tumblr & in magazines. If you haven’t seen already, on my Instagram stories each Saturday, I’ve been doing a series I’m calling ‘This week’s Tumblr Inspo’ (very original name I know). It’s basically a showcase of all the images that have inspired my style and outfits each week. Now, if you’ve been following it, you may notice some of the trends I spoke about in these upcoming outfits. Also, if you read ‘My Fashion Wish List‘ post then there’s lots on here that I ended up buying! I’ve tried to incorporate the trends I’ve been loving to show you how I would style them.

Starting off with outfit one. Vinyl leggings have been something I’ve wanted to try out for some time now. I don’t what the appeal is about them, of course they are notoriously hard to style. But something about them looks so cool, edgy & different; that’s what I love about them. Of course, when you are styling something that is a bit ‘out there’ it’s best to pair it with something… well, less ‘out there’. Hence why I’ve paired these vinyl leggings with a simple over sized polo neck jumper. This piece has been in my wardrobe for years and I honestly never see it leaving me. It works so well with the leggings as it’s a neutral colour and it’s simple. To add some colour I’ve added another new piece; this gorgeous blush pink coat. Again, it doesn’t over power the vinyl leggings but it’s enough colour to add a little something extra to the outfit. To tie in with the vinyl leggings, I’ve carried on the black, slim-line silhouette with these new kitten heel boots. If you’ve followed me for a little while, you may remember my red Zara versions of these. These ones however are real leather and obviously not red! I love how they make my legs look longer as they blend in with the leggings. Such a simple outfit really but with some new quirky twists, great for if you are a bored of the norm and want to try something different.

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Vinyl Leggings

Jumper – sold out, similar here



Sticking with that gorgeous coat but changing what’s underneath it now. Jumper dresses have always been in my wardrobe, ever since I was little! They are the perfect excuse to over eat at restaurants and stay warm with having to wear jeans. I normally go for ones a little shorter than this, but I love how this dress looks with my Zara knee high boots. The dress is just long enough to cover the top of the boots which is something I’ve been seeing lots in Vogue, Elle and of course, on the runway. They paired knee high boots with summer dresses (which I can’t wait to do if it ever gets warmer). It’s a real Spring trend, but if your Spring isn’t warm, then pairing the boots with a jumper dress is a great alternative. the coat again complements the dress, ending at the same length. Again it adds a dash of colour too.

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Jumper Dress – Sold Out but similar here

Boots – sold out but similar here

From a dash of colour, to bold colours! I think this outfit might be my favourite. This burnt orange isn’t a colour I’ve worn before, but I love it! This jumper is so great, fantastic for Spring. With one shoulder covered and the other exposed, you’re warm, but not too warm. I love most things that are asymmetric but of course these can be hard to style. Just FYI, if you were wondering if you can wear a coat over this, you can! I tested it for you don’t worry.

I love the balloon sleeve detailing, it adds extra volume to the sleeved side to almost accentuate that fact that the other side is exposed. the diagonal line across the chest is super flattering and the tapered wrists on the sleeve lets the fabric billow out more.

On to the jeans. If you’ve been following my Tumblr Inspo series on my insta stories, you’ll know I’ve been swooning over white jeans for some time now. So I finally got my hands on a pair! These jeans are the same cut and style as my pink corduroy ones, but in denim. You might also know I’ve been loving contrast stitching lately, it’s been high up on the trend list and will really come in to it’s own this Spring. These jeans have a fantastic take on that trend, with contrast beige/brown stitching through out. I also love the frayed hems. I got these jeans in a slightly longer leg length as I didn’t want them cropped so that’s something to note if you want to buy them yourself.

Again, I’ve paired them with the new kitten heel boots. I know I’ll be getting so much wear out of these.

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And last but not least, a simple outfit. Something you can throw on, walk out the door and still feel amazing in. Straight leg jeans are something I’ve be craving for ages, and these pair lived up to the hype. It’s safe to say they may be my new favourite cut of denim, They make my legs look longer and there’s no more chilly ankles! I’ve paired them with this ruched top which is super sheer but in the best way. This outfit is completely inspired by an outfit I saw on Bella Hadid. The top and jeans are so similar. The thing I love about these two pieces is that they are so simple but so stylish and effortless, you really don’t have to think twice about wearing them. They are also super comfy which when it comes to fashion, is always a bonus but not always a priority. Paired with the same boots again, I hope I’m showing you how versatile they are and how easy they are to style.

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All photos taken by Lewis Phenix

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