The perfect outfits for a city trip – Copenhagen Edition

Packing is tricky. Especially if you are like me and find it impossible to plan outfits! I always dress for how I feel that day and it changes daily, I’m a bit of a chameleon in that way. One day I want to dress in my classic tee and trousers combo for an effortlessly styled look, some days I want to dress almost editorial as if I’m sitting front row at a fashion show! So packing for a trip away where I can’t bring my whole wardrobe is always hard to navigate.
My main tips for packing for a city trip are:

– Take clothes that intersect with each other. So for example, for this trip I took:
cycle shorts
a sweater
a basic tshirt
white jeans
blue jeans
boots (if raining)
trainers (for comfort)

All of these items can be paired to together! This technique saves taking multiple one use items and therefore creates a holiday capsule wardrobe, which is essential when you can only take hand luggage. The cycle shorts went with the thsirt & the sweater and both jeans worked with the t-shirt & sweater too plus could be paired with the blazer for the evening so everything was interchangeable. Both my shoe options worked with these outfits too. This also saved on packing because while flying I wore the cycle shorts (under my jeans in the day) paired with the tshirt and the sweater on top so I only had to pack the blue jeans and blazer!

Okay so savvy packing talk over, let’s take a look at my main outfit for the holiday. This is what I wore Friday, our only full day in Copenhagen. These cream Stradivarius jeans have become a staple in my wardrobe, paired with a simple cheap Monday tee for a casual but chic look. I threw a Mango blazer over the top as I’m loving mixing neutral tones at the moment. Over that I added my Pull & Bear coat for extra warmth plus I love a layered look. It had been raining that morning so I opted for my Louis Vuitton boots, they are so comfortable for walking lots too. Chuck on a beanie from Urban Outfitters and some Ray Ban sunnies for when the sun finally makes an appearance and you’ve got yourself the perfect city trip outfit!





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