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I like to think of myself as an organised person; I’m often making lists to tick off, I check everything is in place and like things to be tidy. But what about those slightly larger things in life or the things that slip under the radar. I thought I’d make a to do list of things I’ve wanted to do for a while but keep putting off or never get round to doing, so here it is…


I’ve always enjoyed exercise, I’ve been a member of a few gyms in London and here in Brighton. I used to love going to classes especially boxing and yoga. I find that exercise really helps clear my head, focuses any anger or frustration I have in to something productive and of course, keeps me fit and healthy. At one point I was going to the gym once a week, swimming once a week and going to about three classes a week. Since working full time and long hours as a nanny, I’ve had to think outside the box when it comes to exercise. I’ve had to cancel my gym/class membership as the classes I could do were on while I was at work, sometimes I don’t finish work until 9pm. I was running out of time to exercise in the mainstream way but I didn’t want to give it up. So I’ve started doing it my own way. I always really enjoyed yoga and that’s easy to keep up at home, I still do a 30 minute session on a Friday in the comfort of my own home. I’ve also brought my bike down from London for seafront cycle rides which I’ve really been enjoying on a Monday evening, especially now the evenings are lighter longer. I still do a 10 minute ab and leg workout each day on my lunch break which keeps things toned. It was so important for me to keep all this up, I didn’t want to leave the gym and never exercise again, because I wasn’t leaving the gym because I wanted to, it was because I had to. I can’t wait start doing more cycle rides, upping it to two a week. I also want to do my yoga workouts on the Hove lawns when the weather is more consistent (might be waiting a while for that thought!). There’s really no excuse to not keep fit, even doing 50 squats while you brush your teeth is better than nothing!


I’ve always been a small portion, no snacks kind of girl. I’m very rarely hungry and when I am, a small meal is more than enough to fill me back up. It’s very rare I finish a meal because I’m always getting full before I can finish it, plus I like to leave a bit of room for a dessert! I have my priorities straight! Since moving out of my home and doing the weekly food shop myself, (sometimes with Lewis, who may I say is a bad influence in the supermarket) I’ve started buying things I probably shouldn’t. For example, I LOVE Diet Coke, I could live off it. But there’s a very good reason I don’t. However, when I first moved out, I ran to Tesco’s and bought a multi pack of Diet Coke, I was free to do whatever I wanted, no one could tell me no and I could drink all the coke I ever wanted! I soon realised water had made an absence in my daily drink intake, which worried me greatly. So, that’s when I made the rule ‘no coke unless I’m eating out’ which actually was a rule my mum made for entire life up until that point. The woman knew what she was doing. The next thing that started creeping in more were biscuits. I was having about 5 a day, which is about 16g of sugar just from the biscuits! The thing is, when your a nanny and you go to playgroups everyday, they all offer you biscuits! It’s like the code to get in to the elusive mum groups. I decided I needed to give up the biscuits so I’m on a no biscuit ‘diet’ and along with that I’m having no chocolate and no snacks all together! It’s going surprisingly well! My cravings have completely stopped and I’ve lost a few pounds! It’s amazing how much a no biscuit ‘diet’ can change things! Downside? The mums at playgroup stay clear of the girl who refuses biscuits.

I might do a whole blog post on my ‘diet’ (I’m using inverted commas because it’s no really a diet, it’s more just little rules I stick by).


Back in the day Friday night was going-out-out night. Now it’s in-bed-by-9 night. I’m only 23, 24 in August but I’m in to my creature comforts and a night in on the sofa always seems appealing to me. It’s not that I don’t want to go out, because I do! There’s a few reasons why it happens less these days:

– Having less people to go out with. I don’t have a lot of friends, I like to keep my circles small for good reasons. I’d rather have a few good friends than lots of not so good ones, I’ve done both ways and the former works best in my opinion. Of course less friends means that it’s less likely to have some one that free that night which means less nights out.

– I’m an introvert. I like my own space, I can find being around people a bit exhausting. It’s not I don’t enjoy it, I love a good night out with drinks and good music but just not too often.

– Sex in the city. I’d rather stay in and watch sex in the city.

This one I’m really trying to work on. I want to go out more, I love going out, I love dressing up and having drinks. It’s just finding the time. So I’m going to make more time to do it and I hope it will improve my social life and make me a better friend by seeing my friends more.


This might seem like an odd thing to have on a to do list. But it’s one I really want to work on. I’m already subscribed to Vogue, Elle and I get Grazia every week. I love those magazines, I love the articles in them and their fashion of course is the main reason I buy them. Those are the magazines that contribute to my mood board each month. How ever, I sometimes find them very trend led and I want to branch out a bit more. There is this amazing magazine store in Brighton, aptly named “Brighton Magazines”. I recently went in there to buy ‘AnOther’ magazine and ‘Hunger’ magazine, both of which focus on high end fashion, editorials and the art world. Their articles are much more insightful and thought provoking and I’ve really be enjoyed learning new things about the fashion and art industry – it’s not all trends. I definitely want to keep this up and branch out to even more magazines.


For those of you that have been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know at the end of each month I post a collection of photos I’ve taken over the month. I’ve really enjoyed doing this and it’s reminded me to not only take photos on my phone but to use my camera for more that just filming and for what it is really intended for. I’ve loved capturing moments through out my month. You may have realised that there was no April post. That actually because I want to get my last post and this one up first so you guys could buy the clothes featured in the photos while they were still in store. I plan on carrying on doing my monthly round up posts but I want to take even more photos, not just for the blog but also for myself. I want to extend my knowledge of photography, it’s always been something I’ve loved to do and mainly expressed on my instagram. So look forward to more photos, with more meaning and hopefully more artistry behind them.

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