What I miss about living in London

Moving to Brighton has been probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, mentally and emotionally and I truly love living here. Nothing beats leaving work on the last day of the week and driving along the seafront; the pier all lit up and the fun fair tempting me in every evening, the waves lapping over the rocks, the i360 on it’s last ascent. It’s truly beautiful, even in the rain. Then Lewis and I grab a beer out of the fridge, cross the road over to the beach and sit there for two hours until the sun goes down. I can hardly believe that that is my life now, and none of that was an exaggeration. So, surely there’s nothing to miss about London? Well…

Firstly, THE SHOPS. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Brighton has an amazing variety of shops and I’ve never lived so close to an Urban Outfitters so that is pretty life changing. But there’s no designer shops in a 40 mile radius so that sucks pretty bad. The closest I have is the Boots here in Brighton has designer make up concession stands, hence my major points build up on my Boots loyalty card. I definitely miss getting the train to Sloane Street and whipping in and out of Dior, Chanel and Fendi, trying on every bag and shoe possible. Then of course ending the day going around Harrods or Selfridges. It was and still is one of my favourite ways to spend a day in London. But here in Brighton, I love that I can walk every where, no trains, no tubes, no buses. Everything is close. And of course, London doesn’t have the lanes. I feel like Brighton is actually all the best parts of London smooshed together. I’ve got a mini Oxford Street, a mini Bentalls Centre and the lanes is as close to Brick Lane I’m going to get. Boy, if only it had a street full of designer shops, I’d truly be in heaven.

Another thing I miss about London is the variation in architecture. Brighton has some great spots, the houses are very similar to those in Balham and Kensington. Those three storey Victorian town houses that are super gorgeous with the checked tiles paving the doorways. But what I mean is, there’s no skyscrapers here in Brighton. Seems a silly thing to miss but I do! I miss the differences in heights, I miss the landmarks; The Shard, the London Eye, even the Gherkin! I miss walking down a residential road and turning the corner and BAM – the Houses of Parliament or Canary Wharf is suddenly towering above you. It’s exciting. I always remember when I was little, getting the 15 minute train in to Victoria and going over the bridges and seeing the skyscrapers and thinking "Wow, I live in a City!". I miss super contemporary buildings like at South Bank and then feeling like you’re in the 1800’s passing the V&A or the Natural History Museum. Which reminds me, I MISS MUSEUMS. Oh my gosh, I miss them so much! I now have to go home for a whole weekend if I want to see an exhibition at the V&A, I used to be able to get a 15 minute train there! I used to just be passing and ‘pop in’ for a quick look at some art! Maybe that’s what I miss the most. Luckily I have an exhibition coming up – ‘Fashioned from Nature’ at the V&A. Can’t wait to fulfil that craving again.

But most of all I miss the atmosphere. I mean I would run around London like i was in a hurry even if I had 4 hours until I had to be somewhere, but I loved that. Everything was buzzing and new and no matter how many times I went in to town I never got bored of it. Even when it took me an hour to go 5 miles, it was worth it. Now I can drive from Brighton to London in a hour and walk the 5 miles anywhere here but still, London will always have a bit of my heart.

Like I said though, Brighton has a bit of my heart too now. They will just have to share.

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