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I know there’s a few ways this blog post could divide opinion. Some of you will also own designer handbags and totally understand why I do too. Some of you will think it’s ridiculous to spend that much money on an accessory. Some of you don’t own designer handbags but admire them and understand why people buy them. Either way, today I want to talk about why I now only buy designer handbags, why I won’t go back to high street brands and the pros and cons.


I think maybe the main reason I always go down the designer route when buying a new handbag is the quality. I’ve gotten through a lot of high street bags in my time, none of them are with me now because they either broke or wore badly after a lot of use. What I’ve found since investing in to designer bags, is not one of my bags has worn. They all look exactly the same as the day I bought them! Even my vintage one! (I’ll get on to vintage and preloved later). Whether it’s the stitching, the materials used or the craftsmanship of the bag itself, everything is made to last forever – and unless you throw the bag from a 200 foot high balcony, you won’t find much wear on a designer bag even in years to come. Obviously, this quality comes at a price. My cheapest bag was £175. It’s a Marc Jacobs bag. It was originally £600 but I got it in the Harrods sale. My most expensive bag is my Celine which cost £1,750. Now I understand that’s a lot of money and believe me I can’t normally afford a bag like that but I partly saved up and paid for half and my parents paid the other half as my birthday and Christmas present for that year. But as you guys know, that bag is timeless, classic and goes with everything. So yes it’s a lot of money, but I will have it in years to come and the re-sale value doesn’t go down on Celine bags. Which leads me on to…


This is something to think about when investing in designer bags. Would you be able to resell it for a good price? Obviously, some bags resell better than others such as Chanel, Fendi, Celine and Louis Vuitton. I know that should I want to, I could easily resell my Celine bag for around the same price I bought it for, perhaps around £1,900. Thhis will change over time of course, there may be a dip in the market for the Celine luggage nano, but in a few years it will be considered vintage and resell for more again. Now on the flip side, I know my two Marc Jacobs bags are worth less, however as I didn’t pay too much for them in the first place plus I bought them at sale price, I recon I could get more that what I paid for them. Their retail price was £600 so I could resell them for for maybe £200-£300 even though I got them in the sale for £175-£200. Also, both these bags are no longer available to buy in store so that makes them more rare.


Now, one thing I always try to stay away from is designer ‘trend’ bags. These are bags such as the recently popular Gucci Dionysus bag, the Gucci Marmont, the Chloe Faye and don’t even get me started on Michael Kors. Now, bags like these are what I call ‘trend’ bags. They are made to sell fast and are sold at a price point that isn’t too out of reach for most people, hence why everyone and their mum ends up having one! When I buy a designer bag, one of the reasons I do it is because not many people will have the same bag as me. I like being different. That’s why, aside from perhaps my Celine, I have never seen anyone else with my other bags! My Saint Laurent bag was limited edition for 3 months and now will never be sold again, which was one of the things that swayed me to buy it. The only other person I’ve seen with that bag is Kendall Jenner and even she doesn’t have the exact same one as me. I purposely will go in to a designer store and select a bag I love that I know is not a trend bag. If I’m spending over £500 on a bag, I don’t want one that I’m going to see everyone else wearing. I can walk around anywhere and spot maybe 30-50 people wearing a Michael Kors bag. There’s nothing wrong with that! But if I’m spending that much money on something I want it to be rare, otherwise I might as well have bought a bag from Primark and been the same as everyone else. For me, fashion and the way I dress is an expression of who I am, so if someone else has what I have, yes part of me thinks ‘oh cool we have a similar style’ but I would also think ‘damn it, someone is the same as me’ and I like being a bit different. Of course fashion revolves around trends, and yes, I do follow some but style is the key here and I believe it’s how you style something that makes you different from everyone else. When I comes to bags, I want the ones that no one else has. For example, The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a very practical bag, but I die a little each time I see one because I see about 12 on an average day. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying trend bags like a said before but they just aren’t for me.


I have a Chloe bag that is from 2008. It worries me greatly that a bag that was created while I was very much alive is classed as vintage. Anyway, there is this wonderful designer vintage store, in Sidmouth of all places! I can’t remember the name of it but she sold some amazing designer vintage pieces from Chanel to Fendi and more. My eyes landed on a glass case, inside I saw the giant Chloe padlock before I saw the bag. My heart stopped. It’s a Chloe. The lady got it out of the glass case for me to try and it was pre-love at first sight. I knew the bag was from 2008, I remember watching the Chloe show, I could even picture the model holding the bag and what she was wearing. I checked the price tag – £500. IT’S MINE! This bag would have originally sold for £1,500-£2,000! It has absolutely zero wear on it! It was perfect, not a mark! I love my Chloe bag, I love that it had a life before coming home with me and I love that it features in the Sex and the City movie! I think giving vintage items a new home is great. I’ve been on Vestiaire (a pre-loved website/app) looking for a Dior Saddle bag. However, the Dior Saddle bag will be re-released this September as they featured in the Dior A/W 18 show! Very excited about that!


As you may have noticed I don’t just invest in designer hand bags, I also own some designer shoes, wallets, card holders, jewellery, make up and sunglasses. I am hoping to go in to more detail of these pieces on my channel with a full designer collection video. In the meantime, here’s a few videos that have featured my other designer items if you’re interested…

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Photos by Stacey Louise White

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